Matsui Universal Joint Corp. is using an Integrated Production System. This means that Matsui is doing almost all its production activities within the organisation. Basically from rough material to its final product. To enable this, several in-house facilities are available like: Product development, die-making, forging, machining, heat treatment, finishing and assembly. High quality material is requested to ensure a long life for our products. All our products are produced based on ISO standards ( 9001/ 14001).

These facilities keep the quality of our products high and reliable throughout the organisation. Another advantage is that it makes lead times for product development much shorter. The heat treatment by carburising is an important process to reach this high quality. The surface hardening with carburising is much deeper than for example induction hardening, used by other manufacturers. A carburised surface ensures a longer life for our products.

Matsui has various test methods to check and test the performance and durability of the products. In the product development this data is used throughout the organisation to grant our well known high quality to our customers. Some test methods being used are wear test, environment test, torsional fatigue test.